Annie Chun’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks

annie chun seaweed snack review

Haven’t done a review in a while, but I had to rave about these snacks I got at Christmas. Light, tasty and a little odd. Thought you might like to hear more about Annie Chun’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks.

This particular variety is sesame, and I think my husband (who bought them) said they came in other flavors and spiciness levels. These are labelled as mild. They are marked as gluten-free, and with just a few ingredients, they are also vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free. And yes, they’re also super yummy.

vegan snack review
Yes, they are literally see-through

At first taste, they came across as simply weird. Crisp and yet tissue-paper thin, they crumble up and kind of melt in your mouth. Even so, they have a chewiness to them once you start eating. Even though they are so flimsy looking, they are really quite satisfying. I had trouble eating just one.

The flavor of this variety was mainly that unique “fishy” taste you get with seaweed (think sheets of nori from sushi rolls). I didn’t taste too much sesame but it was there, along with a smidgen of salt.


Final opinion? While I probably won’t buy them all the time as a pantry staple, I’ll definitely pick up a package now and then as a treat. They’re good!

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