Sweet quinoa pudding recipe

Quinoa Pudding

May 25, 2012 Mindful 0

Quinoa pudding is a lot like rice pudding, which is a sweet dessert dish rather than a side for a meal. Quinoa adds that extra protein punch for a little added superfood health benefit along […]

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What are Superfoods?

April 23, 2012 Mindful 0

By Terri Paajanen Are you wondering “what are superfoods”? Well, it’s become a popular term these days and it really means just what it says. These are foods that have an over-abundance of nutritious compounds […]

sweet potato soup recipe with superfoods

Sweet Potato Soup

April 21, 2012 Mindful 0

A sweet potato soup recipe doesn’t have to be complicated, but this recipe is such a mix of spicy and sweet that I couldn’t resist. It’s a nice thick soup, ideal for the cool fall […]

red wine risotto recipe

Red Wine Risotto

April 20, 2012 Mindful 0

Red wine risotto is a very flavorful and thick rice dish that pairs up nicely with any meal, or even as a light entree in itself. It will take a little while with all the […]

vegetable and tofu stir fry recipe

Vegetable Tofu Stir-Fry

December 6, 2011 Mindful 0

Maybe a little cliche, but a tofu stir-fry is an ideal vegetarian dish with lots of vegetables and some protein-rich tofu. You can also stick to just veggies with this one if you don’t care […]

vegan tofu scramble recipe for breakfast

Tofu Scramble

September 10, 2011 Mindful 0

This is a pretty classic Vegan dish, using tofu in place of the eggs. When scrambled up, you really can hardly tell the difference. You can always adjust the spices to suit your own taste, […]

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